The Vision

Our vision is a future where every item is recycled. We believe the way to do this is to give every item economic value. The BitcoinSV blockchain makes such a dream possible.


The back story

It has been said that we are the first generation to understand climate change... and the last generation that can do anything about it.

We do not want our children and grandchildren to look back on us as the generation that destroyed the environment. So we are trying to do something to change things. To turn things around.

We realised that to create a fully circular economy it is not enough for companies to produce 100% recyclable products. People must recycle those products too. But every year billions of tonnes of recyclable materials are lost to landfill.

To solve this problem we had to find a way to incentivise people to recycle everything they could. A way that didn't depend on people caring about the environment.

RecycleSV was born. 

The problem

Billions of tonnes of recyclable materials are thrown away each year because people are not incentivised to recycle.  

The solution

Incentivise recycling
We believe that change comes from incentivisation and education. So we are designing a system that incentivises everyone to recycle the material they consume, whether they care about the environment or not. 

Give waste monetary value
People disregard their waste because it has no value to them. By adding monetary value to waste at the point of production, or later on, we can achieve a fairer fully circular, zero waste economy.  

Make the lifecycle transparent
By harnessing the power of the BSV public ledger we can bring full transparency to product lifecycles, creating a record of recyling giving both consumers and producers meaningful insights.

New micropayment technolgy
By using new micropayment technology we can create a cleaner, greener, low carbon planet for us to live on. 

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