RSV alpha Testing complete

October 23

Alpha testing is now complete & data is being reviewed.

Thank you to all that helped out, all your comments and input are really helping us to understand how to make the best recycling app for the public that we can, the high engagement gives us the validation and proof of work we need. This shows us there is real demand for a service like us SO… time to move to the next stage…. lets’ do it!

All rewards for testers have been issued via twetch and your users number.

Big shout out to zdch u/120, ins1d30ut u/ 5546, ddan83 u/13201, TRENT u/663 Winners of the draw congratulations!

more to follow…. check back for new posts

#circulareconomy #bringvaluetowaste #personalcarbonfootprint #RecycleSV keep it clean!

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Post launch update

Post launch update
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