Post launch update

October 14

Hey fellow recyclers!
Its just a quick update.
Since the launch of website, we’ve been busy working away in the background.
Some cool “thangs” have happen, we had the CoinGeek article come out which was superbly written
by Author Jon Southhurst thank you CoinGeek for the coverage.
As well as the CoinGeek virtual conference which was mind blowing with all the new booths
interaction and our Jimmy WIN making it a complete WIN! For BitcoinSV. We started testing of our
alpha app which is going great, so far so good! rich comments and feedback and ideas for us to add
in the beta version.
we are also currently talking with couple of different BSV token providers, looking to find the best fit
for our business model. Its very exciting times with all the new innovation’s and product releases
coming in the BitcoinSV ecosystem its explosive, we’re grateful to be in this time and space.
Thank you to all that has helped so far your names have been entered into the prize pool we will be
InTouch with the winners after the closing date to get your Moneybutton or Twetch User number.
More to follow……

#bringvaluetowaste #RecycleSV keep it clean

Other recent updates

RSV alpha Testing complete

RSV alpha Testing complete
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