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The Rewards Program

Get your brand in front of eco-conscious customers. The RecycleSV rewards program helps you acquire new customers at a low cost by offering rewards in exchange for recycling efforts.

RecycleSV users earn in-app points for recycling.

Users redeem points against offers from partner companies

Partner companies get introduced to potential customers

The environment gets protected for future generations

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Add QR codes to your packaging

Our rewards partners incentivise your customers to recycle your packaging.

You see how much of your packaging gets recycled

The Producer Program

Even the most eco-conscious companies can't control what happens to their packaging once it's in the hands of their customers. With the RecycleSV producer program, you can now incentivise your customers to recycle your packaging at no cost to you.

The Recycler Program

Reduce expensive landfill waste and increase the amount of valuable recycled material you collect by participating in the RecycleSV recycler program. 

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